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About 20 years ago, Patricia received some very bad news...

Ray's wife, Patricia Murrell, had been experiencing some very odd and distressing symptoms for several years without a clear diagnosis until she got the bad news... she has Multiple Sclerosis.  While it was a relief to finally be able to put a finger on what was causing her grief, it slowly sunk in over the next twenty years that MS is a Life Sentence.

In those twenty years, she has raised two wonderful kids, maintained her independence and her fighting spirit, but each year she has to learn to adjust (again) to new restrictions and challenges.  Recently, for example, she had to deal with the fact that she could not teach her eldest child, David, to drive.

Ray discovered the MS Society early on and then, much to his delight, he also discovered the MS Golf Challenge (see  Having become addicted to golf by then, Ray enthusiastically joined in and with the help of many other generous golfers and their supporters has helped raised several hundred thousand dollars for the MS Society.  In recent years, Ray has managed to arm-twist some other golf addicts into joining him for the trek out to Surrey or Tsawwassen for that event.

Scott Anderson, who has participated several times now, even though he and his family (thankfully) have no direct connection with MS, decided that it would be a great idea to hold a "Pre-tournament" in Chilliwack.  That way we can get golfers from "Up the Valley" to join in this very worthy cause.  Thus the Chilliwack MS Golf Challenge was born.

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