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The MS Society has again been forced to cancel their main Golf Event in Tsawassen, so we are taking over!  The 2023 Edition of the Chilliwack MS Golf Challenge is ....

      Sep 11th, 2023 at
      Cheam Mountain
      Golf Course.



The MS Society of Canada holds an annual MS Golf Challenge to raise funds for the MS Society.  These funds go to Research on a cure for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and to assist those living with the disease in Canada.  Funds raised at these kinds of events have provided wheelchairs and other equipment, care, education and counselling for MS Patients and their families.  They have also lent much needed support for Research at facilities like the UBC MS Clinic, one of the world's premiere MS Research facilities.

Canada as a country has one of the highest incidences of Multiple Sclerosis in the world.  100,000 Canadians currently live with MS.  You can learn more about MS and the MS Society by clicking on the logo at the top left or going to

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